Every family
has stories to tell

- those important moments that made
a difference; the funny stories,
the sad times, the triumphs.

Zahmoo helps you collect and share
your valuable family memories.

“When my father died in 1995, a lot of our family history died with him. I can only vaguely remember the stories of his youth and I wish we had recorded them before he passed away; they just didn’t seem important when I was growing up ...” — Mark Schenk

Zahmoo is an ideal family present for the holiday season.
 Use your holiday gathering as an opportunity to collect stories about your family history.

  • What are your best and worst memories of the Holiday season?
  • How did Mum and Dad meet?
  • What was your best birthday?
  • What are your favourite childhood memories?
  • How did your family come to live where they live?
  • What are some of the events and decisions that have shaped your family?
  • What was your favourite age?

Zahmoo makes it easy to...

  • collect stories about your family
  • bring your family tree to life with stories
  • store text, audio files and videos (and download them)
  • share the stories with the entire family
  • collect new stories from anyone in the family, no matter where they are located in the world
  • search, tag and explore your family stories, commenting on them and tagging them so they are easily found
  • control who has access to your family story collection

Families around the world are exploring their ancestry. Zahmoo is a simple online tool to bring your genealogy to life.