Every community
has stories to tell

about its history, prominent figures,
long-standing members, the
events that shaped it, and of
the tales that grow taller with
each re-telling.

“When our principal of ten years moved on, a lot of the history of the school's early years went with her. It's a real loss to our community, to have all those wonderful anecdotes disappear.”

Zahmoo can help you record and store the stories of your community to make sure this knowledge isn't lost.

Community groups are an integral part of life for millions of people all over the world, whether they are centered around mutual interests, children, sports, faith, schools, business, training, recreation, special needs or simply the neighbourhood you live in.

What they all have in common is that they are built on something shared. Stories are a big part of building and strengthening the bonds of a community.

Zahmoo makes it easy to...

  • collect and share the stories that have shaped your community
  • bring your group's past, present and future to life through storytelling
  • store and share text, audio files and videos
  • tag and organise the stories of your community, so community members can easily search the collection
  • encourage community members to comment on stories and engage with each other through them
  • collect new stories from anyone in the community, no matter their location
  • control who has access to your community's story collection.