Every business has stories to tell

- sales stories, safety stories, stories about how things
really work around here. These stories define your culture,
inspire your progress and help everyone to learn
how to get things done.

“If stories are powerful, and if stories are going to be told—true and false, official and underground, flattering and humiliating—then leaders and managers need to be part of the process.” — Tom Stewart

Companies around the globe are investing 100s of thousands of dollars in collecting stories. Stories for branding, stories for culture change, stories for selling, leadership stories, stories to assess the impact of change and stories to trigger change.

Sadly this investment in stories is being lost.

One large bank recently collected hundreds of stories to inform their corporate values project. The HR team collected anecdotes from each division and after much effort a set of values was shared with the bank staff. We happened to be working with the commercial banking division after all this happened and they were proud of the stories they submitted to the values project, but after some searching no one could tell them where their stories were. Their stories were lost.

Zahmoo provides your organisation with one place to store, organise and access your valuable stories, and it’s simple to use.

Zahmoo makes it easy to...

  • share, rate, comment and reuse your stories
  • collect new stories from anyone in the organisation and beyond
  • search, tag and explore your stories—see what’s really happening in your organisation
  • collaborate on prioritising and selecting stories for any use
  • find the right story to tell and engage your audience

Key benefits...

  • web based and hosted - no install/IT
  • simple fixed pricing -no per user fees
  • secure SSL (Premium and Plus plans)
  • one place to easily manage all your business stories

Zahmoo is perfect for...

  • leadership development stories
  • culture change stories
  • branding stories
  • safety stories
  • customer service stories
  • and much, much more...