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A simple online tool to make the most of your stories

The single best place to store your precious stories.

Free trial, no long-term contracts, pay as you go.

See Zahmoo in action

  • Add your stories as text, video, audio or pictures
  • Encourage conversation around your stories
  • Tag your stories so you can find them later
  • Search stories

One spot for all stories

Before Zahmoo, stories remained in our heads or were stored in a variety of documents and spreadsheets on any number of computers. Finding a story was virtually impossible. Zahmoo stores all your stories centrally so you can find and use a story when you want. It’s password protected and is super easy to use.

How it works

Zahmoo is an online tool. If you have access to the internet you have access to Zahmoo. There are no software or hardware installations necessary. You create one or more collections, which help group your stories. Then you can invite other people (family members, colleagues) to collaborate on adding and sharing more stories. Zahmoo becomes your trusted story bank.

For tips & tricks, advice, examples and frequently asked questions, visit the Zahmoo Blog